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Quality is very important to us. 

1.      Strict Quality Control (One fourth of our staff works in the Quality Control Department)

2.      OEM certified company. (We have been certified by several Japanese Copier and Printer Companies)

3.      Follow OEM equipment standards. (We use the same manufacturing equipment as OEM)

4.      High quality chemical materials are used (Our chemical materials are imported from Germany and Japan.)

5.      Strong R&D team. (We have four PHD's working in our R&D team)

6.     Robotic Arms to reduce man-made errors (We use many robotic arms during our production process in order to reduce man made errors.)




IECQ QC080000



Cleaning is very important to eliminate contamination:


Cleaning equipment:

Drum cylinders are cleaned in Class 10,000 Clean Room

Supplied by Toray of Japan


Coating and drying are done in a Class 100 clean room


Assembly and packing 

Each drum has gears installed.  Then it is wrapped in conductive paper and put in bubble wrap sleeve.  If it is a drum unit then we install in the drum unit which is also made by us for best quality control.